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Official Website of The Philadelphia Police Clergy Department (PPCD)  

The Philadelphia Police Clergy (Chaplain)
A Part of the Philadelphia Police Department

The Police Chaplain Program provides a ministry presence to the department. The Chaplains provide pastoral care to members of the department and their families. At times they also serve members of the general public including schools, parks, and neighborhoods. Chaplains provide service on both a proactive and reactive basis:

Proactive Responses
  • Riding along with both Officers and Detectives while they work
  • Visitations to police personnel at the stations, hospitals, etc.
  • Providing training in related law enforcement topics
Reactive Responses
  • Crisis Response - Emergency Responders on a 24 hour / 7 day a week basis (when incidents are reported to the Police Chaplains)
  • Crisis Intervention - Mediation or intervention for suicide attempts or threats
  • Death Notifications - Going with an officer to notify next of kin
  • Special Services - Funerals, memorial services, special department functions, officer graduations, etc
The Philadelphia Police Clergy (Chaplain) Program is looking for clergy to serve as volunteer police chaplains.
If you are:
  • A U.S. Citizen who resides in Philadelphia County, Philadelphia, PA
  • An ordained clergy (chaplain) of a faith-title. a word applied to a person, indicating his/her rank, position, etc.: "Minister," "Imam," and "Rabbi" are titles.
  • And are able to get written endorsement from your church's or serving authorizing body
  • And can pass a Criminal History Background Check stating No Past or Present Incidental Police Arrest or Detainment by Jailor according to Philadelphia Police Department Capable Recording and Philadelphia Police Clergy Understanding
Then you can find a new avenue of service to a special segment of your community.

If your are interested, contact the closest Philadelphia Police Station and or Philadelphia Police Department P.C.R.O. nearest you.


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